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Unified Track & Trace Architecture

Best of the art solutions for the best traceability, to secure flows, for process' efficiency, to bring innovation in R&D project.

You are looking for a partner to:

  • Control both the technical feasibility and the Return On Investment expectation.
  • Build and deploy identification and tracing solutions based on RFID & IoT.
  • Team with your R&D or innovation department to design new products, new concepts using RFID or NFC technologies.

Since 15 years, we are specialized in identification systems based on RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.


We implement optimal solutions adapted to your environment, your business and your strategies. Through our proven methodology and experience, we are used to address the technical, the financial and the human impact.

flecheThanks to our deep understanding of the RFID market and to our systematic and efficient approach we’ll maximize the return of your solution.

Optimal traceability and secured flows

power-button1AIRFIELD is your partner for any project where identification and traceability are concerned. Our commitment will be total from the feasibility study to the training of the users and through the design and the implementation of the system.

Our solutions meet a lot of needs and through these projects we develop a strong and deep experience.

Our knowledge in RFID systems implementation and our expertise of these technologies together with our passion for industries, logistics, flow or process optimisation, bring us to a very special place on the market.

Without pretending establishing a complete list of potential RFID applications, please consider some examples:



AIRFIELD est votre partenaire pour tout projet d’identification ou de traçabilité. Notre engagement sera total, de l'étude de faisabilité à la formation des utilisateurs en passant par la conception du système et son intégration matérielle et logicielle.
Notre mission première validera votre idée d'appliquer la RFID à vos processus. S’il s’avère qu’intégrer de la RFID apporte peu de plus-value à votre activité, nous vous en avertirons et ne pousserons pas plus avant le projet.
Par contre, dès que nous vous apporterons les preuves de la pertinence de cette technologie dans votre contexte et d'un retour sur investissement rapide, nous concevrons alors en toute objectivité et indépendance votre solution RFID.
Nos ingénieurs vous accompagneront également dans la conception de l'étage d'intégration à votre système d'information (middleware), toujours de façon très concrète, en tenant compte de l'existant.
Enfin, nous  déploierons le système que nous aurons conçu. Nous vous accompagnerons jusqu'au bout de votre projet en menant les travaux d'intégration en lien avec nos partenaires les plus compétents sur les solutions retenues.
Quelques exemples d’applications : (utiliser un module adéquat du template : celui que tu as essayé est bien mais il faut réduire la taille au minimum et adoucir très fort les couleurs)



Work In Process Management


Stock and Inventory Management


Supply Chain Management


Logistics and Warehouse Management


Transportation and Logistics Flows Management

Innovation thanks to RFID

ampoule innovationWe provide our deep understanding of RFID technologies to our customers in working with their R&D team to design innovative products that embed RFID chips or a reading function.

AIRFIELD involves in designing of original concepts in selecting the best RFID technologies and in defining the way to make use of them to create value and to meet our customers' vision.

We can activate a large network of partners to design the most challenging concepts.

Our Offer: advice, engineering, deployment

Through our own methodology, coming from reseach on project management, process optimisation and RFID and, based on our strong experience, we commit to your project toassure the success.

From the oppotunity validation to control both the technical feasibility and the Return On Investment expectations until the deployment of the end-to-end solution, we will place your business issues and the advantages of RFID on them at the heart of our approach.

Sigle Design AIRFIELD

  • Technical study and Return On Investment validation


  • Design and development of the end-to-end solution


  • Deployment of equipments and softwares


  • Training of the users and the administrators

 AIRFIELD have standards RFID equipments (fixed and handheld readers, large scope of tags and inlays) to run tests, to make prototypes and to bring the proof the choosen technology is able to meet your requirements.

Beside, to help you in the early first step to transform your idea to use RFID to a real project with an identified budget and a planning, we offer you a special service called the RFID Start Pack.

AIRFIELD's advantages

  • Highly skilled in RFID +

    At Airfield, we worked since 10 years in RFID for both small and large companies and aften on very challenging projects. We developped a special know-how we offer you.
  • A complete independence +

    Having deliberately no exclusiv distribution agreement with vendors but claim to have a deep knowledge of the global RFID market, we design the best solutions based on selected equipments to meet your expectations.
  • An objective approach +

    Depending on the analysis we made from your needs, we'll guide you to the most fitted technologies (LF, HF, UH, activ or passiv)
  • Pragmatic solutions +

    Each project is challenging. Sometimes we were the first ones to be confronted to a problematic. Our team is able to build innovative systems perfectly fitted to the context and the environement.
  • Relevant references +

    On each of our fulfillment, we revealed our know-how deploying fitted and reliable solutions.
  • In the heart of Europe +

    Our headquater is based in Luxembourg, at the doors of France, Belgium and Deutschland with transportation facilities for the other countries.
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