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Innovation thanks to RFID

Embed an RFID chip in my products or make it capable of reading an RFID tag.

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“We’ve got to innovate” is the leitmotiv of every company which seeks to keep its position on the market or to become the market leader. To succeed in doing it, there is no secret: to have an imagination moderated by a pragmatically approach, to have technological competences and to be audacious.


Do you wonder whether RFID could match up to your innovation desire?


Imagine your product with new functionalities like having a unique serial number, being able to memorize information in a secure way… this could give rise to an important competitive advantage.




tunnel innovate2An example amongst others: you are a manufacturer of packing, in which we insert a RFID tag as from the production. You allow your clients to operate such tag and therefore, you make easier traceability of your products in their production lines.


Nobody else but you knows your products. We know RFID. Let’s see together if such technology is beneficial for you. From the preliminary phase of strategic validation, we shall know how to make you benefit from our experience.


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Innovatives RFID Solutions designed by AIRFIELD

  • iBorne FENO : topographic marker that integrate an NFC chip (see details of our solutions)
  • Several different forklift trucks (classics to big ones) equiped with RFID systems for both identification of the product and localisation of the vehicle
  • Industrial machine-tool able to identify what it handles to bring a new traceability function
  • A loyalty card linked with a transparent identification system of the people in a commercial area
  • A smart dashboard to manage industrial production defaults