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AIRFIELD guides you in each of your RFID project.


We commit with you at 100%

Thanks to its experience in consulting and integration of RFID solutions, to its practical approach and to its total independence, AIRFIELD allows its customers to develop solutions that generate efficiency, productivity gains, improved service rates, higher security and seamless traceability.


We design with fairness the RFID solution that matches your industrial environment in order to maximize your operational efficiency.


We promise you the best of RFID

The RFID Solution Architect is the essential link of an ambitious and successful project. We will be by your side supporting you well in advance so you can validate your idea and launch a project on which we will be committed until the end.


Please, have a look to some RFID applications examples...



AIRFIELD's advantages

  • Highly skilled in RFID +

    At Airfield, we worked since 10 years in RFID for both small and large companies and aften on very challenging projects. We developped a special know-how we offer you.
  • A complete independence +

    Having deliberately no exclusiv distribution agreement with vendors but claim to have a deep knowledge of the global RFID market, we design the best solutions based on selected equipments to meet your expectations.
  • An objective approach +

    Depending on the analysis we made from your needs, we'll guide you to the most fitted technologies (LF, HF, UH, activ or passiv)
  • Pragmatic solutions +

    Each project is challenging. Sometimes we were the first ones to be confronted to a problematic. Our team is able to build innovative systems perfectly fitted to the context and the environement.
  • Relevant references +

    On each of our fulfillment, we revealed our know-how deploying fitted and reliable solutions.
  • In the heart of Europe +

    Our headquater is based in Luxembourg, at the doors of France, Belgium and Deutschland with transportation facilities for the other countries.
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Some relevant references


 Air liquide



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