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AIRFIELD's global RFID services


You are interrested in RFID technologies but the market seems to be fragmented. You don't know excatly what you need and what it is possible to do. Decisions are difficult to take and perhaps your don't know how to start with your project.

AIRFIELD's knowledge covers the whole added value chain and our team will commit on your project from A to Z. This is a warranty for a successful project.

To help you with your stategies, to drive your project and to transform your ideas in concrete solutions, we offer global and modular services.


RFID Enterprise Applications

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  • To meat your expectations about quality and competitiveness, we design end-to-end solutions to bring your systems identification, localisation and traceability functionnalities.
  • Thanks to our impartiality, we built the best RFID solutions regarding your context and your processes in choosing the components, the equipments and the required softwares. We also take care about the way to integrate both hardware and software with your actual systems.
  • Through our original method, we'll manage your project efficiently and we cover it entirely.

1 - Process analysis and technical study

2 - Choices about RFID technologies and system's components

3 - Software and hardware engineering, deployment of the system

4 - Tests, training, change management

5 - Maintenance


Interview of Mr VAN-TUE, logistics manager at Viessmann

  fleche-bleue-droiteClick here for examples of RFID systems running for our customers.


RFID Smart Products


  • We guide you to innovation integrating RFID technologies to your products to bring them new functionalities.
    • In that way, we can work in two directions:
      • Incude an RFID chip in your products to give them their own indentity or to add memory capacity to them.
      • Give your products or your machines an RFID reading function to meet identification or tracing challenges.


RFID Training for managers


  • We offer trainings (see next date) and workshops to help decision makers understanding stakes, opportunities but also confines to deploy successfully RFID.
    • A large part is dedicated to case studies, returning on some of our experiences.
    • We present a large selection of tags and inlays but also some fixed/handhelds readers and antennas.
    • We can install these equipments to make live presentation or to run tests.

yesThanks to our place and our expertise on the RFID market, we provide a really qualitative approach of your requirements. We are the essential partner of your ambitious project. Because we are RFID experts, please, don't launch into your project without calling us.

AIRFIELD's advantages

  • Highly skilled in RFID +

    At Airfield, we worked since 10 years in RFID for both small and large companies and aften on very challenging projects. We developped a special know-how we offer you.
  • A complete independence +

    Having deliberately no exclusiv distribution agreement with vendors but claim to have a deep knowledge of the global RFID market, we design the best solutions based on selected equipments to meet your expectations.
  • An objective approach +

    Depending on the analysis we made from your needs, we'll guide you to the most fitted technologies (LF, HF, UH, activ or passiv)
  • Pragmatic solutions +

    Each project is challenging. Sometimes we were the first ones to be confronted to a problematic. Our team is able to build innovative systems perfectly fitted to the context and the environement.
  • Relevant references +

    On each of our fulfillment, we revealed our know-how deploying fitted and reliable solutions.
  • In the heart of Europe +

    Our headquater is based in Luxembourg, at the doors of France, Belgium and Deutschland with transportation facilities for the other countries.
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