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RFID solutions from AIRFIELD


These examples briefly present some of the solutions we designed. We worked on many more but some of them need to be kept confidentials.

Please, remember that AIRFIELD is the ideal partner to design a reliable, efficient and perennial solution even if you work in difficult industrial conditions.


For ArcelorMittal: shipment control

pont Arcelor

Steel coils are identified with disposable RFID labels for metal. These labels are read from a travelling crane to control identification of dispatched products.

Additionally, through an RFID tag given to the truck driver and linked to the shiping number and to the planned dock door, the control fully cover the shipment process.





For VIESSMANN: Industrial logistics flow management

quais Viessmann

Tracing of any individual manufactured product from the production to the shipment.

The flow is automatically controled through UHF RFID portals.

Exotics flows are managed with handhelds RFID readers.





RFID Solutions we distribute

Smart cabinet for tools management

Armoire-XLRFID UHF smart cabinet is specialy design to automatically trace which people use which tool and provide detail information about availabity and help you managing maintenance.


 Smart Key Manager




Other RFID systems design by AIRFIELD


AIRFIELD optimise highway automatic toll

peage autoroute

To go through the toll system a passive UHF system is used.

This is a big advantage on the historical semi-passive system in use in France.





For FAYNOT : AIRFIELD create smart topographics markers

Iborne FENO

In using smart markers, surveyors can store data directly in the memory of the chip included in the marker.

While respecting specific rules, data can be shared between surveyors.

This system can be adapted for many other activities where localisation is important like water, gaz; telecom or electric networks.

For controling the inspection of some assets like pipelines, technical facilities or any other outdoor equipment, this solution is a must.






For ASCOMETAL: Storage area management optimisation

Chariot cavalier RFID

Our customer need to have a dynamic management of locations on its storage area to avoid loosing of capacity.

AIRFIELD offered a tailor-made system based on two standards technologies:

- RFID to identify each pallet and a reading system integrated to the special forklift truck

- GPS for real time location of the forklift linked to a specific software to transform GPS coordinates in locations used in the WMS






For ThyssenKrupp Presta France: Another smart RFID forklift

chariot tka vue densemble

This forklift has two functions:

- Identification of any handled logistic unit on the fork, up to 2,7 meter high

- Indoor real time location with accuracy of 1.5 meter

The only technology used is passive UHF RFID.

The forklift is connected to a software liked to the ERP to automatically managed products flow between any location.

AIRFIELD's advantages

  • Highly skilled in RFID +

    At Airfield, we worked since 10 years in RFID for both small and large companies and aften on very challenging projects. We developped a special know-how we offer you.
  • A complete independence +

    Having deliberately no exclusiv distribution agreement with vendors but claim to have a deep knowledge of the global RFID market, we design the best solutions based on selected equipments to meet your expectations.
  • An objective approach +

    Depending on the analysis we made from your needs, we'll guide you to the most fitted technologies (LF, HF, UH, activ or passiv)
  • Pragmatic solutions +

    Each project is challenging. Sometimes we were the first ones to be confronted to a problematic. Our team is able to build innovative systems perfectly fitted to the context and the environement.
  • Relevant references +

    On each of our fulfillment, we revealed our know-how deploying fitted and reliable solutions.
  • In the heart of Europe +

    Our headquater is based in Luxembourg, at the doors of France, Belgium and Deutschland with transportation facilities for the other countries.
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Some relevant references


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